1. Open your photograph. Here I’m using a very ordinary photo that I took with my smartphone.
  2. Use a Tone Curve Lens Object for more contrast and depth (Object > Create > New Lens > Tone Curve). Adjust until you have a typical S-Curve.
  3. Add a Vibrance Lens Object.  For this photo I set the Vibrance to 100 and the Saturation to 18.
  4. Import a texture image. I used my own texture of a concrete wall. Drag the Opacity slider in the Object Manager docker to about 38.
  5. Now add a Merge Mode effect in the Object Manager docker, I used Soft Light.
  6. Right-click and Duplicate it and place both objects where you feel they fit the best. And place them slightly apart from each other.
  7. Add another effect and object using the Time Machine effect. (Effects > Camera > Time Machine > Albumen).
  8. Now use the Eraser tool and a fluffy Brush nib (Toolbox > Eraser tool > choose a nib from the Property Bar), to erase parts of the object to your liking, revealing the photograph underneath. Finished.

Tip provided by Stefan Lindblad, CorelDRAW Master, Illustrator, Graphic Designer & Artist.