Working on a multi-page document in CorelDRAW that includes a large number of high-resolution images can be a daunting task. When too many large images are used in a document, there are many complexities involved. It may take a longer time to navigate between pages, cause slow file opening, and other potential issues.
This can be avoided by using externally linked images, instead of directly importing the images into the document. Since the image data does not exist within the file, it reduces the file size considerably, which in turn helps faster opening/saving. When you import an externally linked image in CorelDRAW, the display resolution may not be as good as the original (because it is only referencing the image that resides somewhere on your hard drive). Rest assured, when you print or export the document, the image data is pulled from the original image file and will maintain its original quality.

To use externally linked images in CorelDRAW, follow the steps below:
1.       Open an existing document or start a new document
2.       Click Ctrl+I (or File > Import…) to open File Import dialog
3.       Navigate to folder and select the file to be imported
4.       Next to the Import button, you’ll see a small down arrow to reveal the available options
5.       From the options select ‘Import as externally linked image’ and then place the image in your file

Tip provided by Pratik Shah, CorelDRAW Master, graphic designer.

  • This tip should probably come with a warning.

    Linking images was a bit of a disaster which lingered for some time where I work. A couple people started linking for a while. I don't remember the exact details, but broken links were the clearest issue upfront. We all work on a network and at least one of the two people linking images were linking to files locally from their computer. A few times I was able to retrieve those files by going to their computer and collecting the files by following the link paths. Often they were not there. Moved. Deleted. Whatever. Even when the linking was done properly, like to a folder for that project in the network... things get moved. Folders get renamed and rearranged for various reasons. Maybe easier fixes exist since then, maybe even built in precautions, but the lesson we walked away from the ordeal was no. more. linking. At least for our current setup.

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