The Below color management dialog assumes that Corel will in the future upon opening a file will easily identify all embedded color profiles and upon saving files embed all RGB and CMYK profiles.  I believe once implemented they offer a very competitive color handling structure for future releases of the Suite.


The below are color management dialogs that I feel would add function to the print dialog, the save and save as dialog, to the image menu in the application, assign profile dialog and the convert to dilaog as long as the application automatically identified the images resident color space.


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  • No I failed to mention that Corel is to update the interface to accept the monitor profile straight from the operating system.  

    Another issue where your input is needed is this one.  Corels color management is application based rather then image based.  I.E. Corel can only properly view RGB images that reside in the internal RGB and convert only to the internal RGB.  Question do you see that as a shortcoming?  

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