Nowadays Facebook is one of the most popular social media and many users have some difficulty in creating a custom cover page.

CorelDRAW is the right software to do this task quick and easily.

In this quick Tutorial I introduce you how to configure measures and create your costum image (Vector or Bitmap).


1. Open a new page in CorelDRAW and set up page size to 851 x 315 pixels.

2. If you are used to another unit of measurement, double-click on the ruler and change the unit to pixels.

3. Now, with the page already configured, double-click on the page edge to add the main frame.

4. Next, create a perfect square (160 x 160 pixels) and place it as distances shown in the figure below.

Note: This space is just a reserved area for you apply your photo later, so avoid placing texts that can be hidden

by this area, or some other important parts of your main image.

5. Now use your creativity and create your art. You can build your image from scratch, as a vector, or import an image (bitmap)

and apply it in the larger space (851 x 315 px).

Note: If your imported bitmap is larger than the page dimensions, use the "Power Clip Inside" to avoid exceed limits of main area (851 x 315 px).

6. Once you have finished your art, select only the main frame (and its contents) and use the command "Export" (File / Export). 

You may choose formats JPG or PNG (recommended) and save it. Remember to select RGB color mode when exporting.

7. Ready! Open Facebook and follow the instructions (of Facebook) for applying your new image (browse to where you

had saved your JPG or PNG file). 

Once done, apply your own photo (within the appropriate Box).


Main frame: 851 x 315 px

Box (photo) 160 x 160 px.

Box distances: From left edge:   23 px.

                       From top edge: 210 px