Rainbow Chameleon

I have been searching for this for so long!  I still can't find the actual CDR file but here's the story.  Back when I was a kid I had CorelDRAW 3 and I used the blend tool to make something very much like this.  It was so extensive that the computer had a hard time rendering it so when I opened draw and launched the file it would do all the blends roughly 3 pieces per second in quite a psychadelic display of color.  People loved the art but they REALLY loved watching it load that way.   Years later after that computer was long gone alone with all it's data I started working here at Corel and my mother bugged me about making the Chameleon again so I re-did one.  Then I lost that file as well :(  I knew I backed it up on one of my web servers but...I'm not exactly that organised so it's taken me 4 years but I found the bitmap version today lol.  Gotta post it here and on Facebook before I lose the blasted thing again!