How can I unnstall CorelDraw completely from MAC - very disapointed

Hello Community,

I Installed the test version of Graphic Suite 2019 on my macbookpro (High Sierra). After a short test I found, it will not satisfy me and deleted it, following the standard procedure on mac. Just deleting it, also deleting the corel files in Library and cache.

After a short file I recognized a process dimexe that slowed down my system. a short research led me again to Corel. Again i deleted every file regarding e.g. com.corel.cuh and so on. Surprise, surprise: They alway appear again after a short while. That is not what I expect from a respectful and seriously programmed application.

Has anybody in this forum any idea how to delete those processes permanently? Corel support was not helpful so far. They asked me for a serial number to help me. But, obviously, there is no serial number, I used a trial version.

Thanks in advance