Page Size Macro

I’m trying to create a macro to help me quickly change the page size with just my keyboard.

My workflow would be:

  • Press F1 to open macro
  • Type Width
  • TAB
  • Type Height
  • ENTER.

I’m 50% there, I’m just stuck on getting the actual code do this.

Example shows the dimensions added to the form.

  • You can accomplish this without using a macro by using a shortcut key to access the same Page Size command that CorelDRAW uses in its own user interface (e.g., on the Property Bar when nothing is selected).

    Search for "size" in the Commands in workspace customization, then look through the search results to find it:

     From there, assign a shortcut key to that command.

    When you use that shortcut key, the command will be displayed at the cursor location.

    I have "A" set as the shortcut for the video below. Type, tab, type, Enter - and you're done.