Corel Draw 2020 Slow opening files

HELP! Corel Draw starts fine on my computer, but when I open a file it takes 2 minutes. Then successive files open just fine. Any idea? I am running Windows 10 and I have a brand new laptop.


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  • Is the lag related to the one specific file you're opening first? Or do you get the lag no matter what the first file opened might be? I'm asking to try to narrow it down to either an issue related to a specific file versus the CorelDRAW application.

    Usually I see some considerably lag when launching CorelDRAW the first time after a computer has been turned on and booted. On one aging desktop PC I use that will soon be replaced CorelDRAW 2021 can take up to 3 minutes to launch in that scenario. It doesn't take nearly as long if the program is re-launched in the same work day.

    CorelDRAW files can take a long time opening if they have active text objects that requires Corel's Font Manager to load fonts in the background. Some fonts can cause greater amounts of lag than others. Most CorelDRAW files without any active text objects will open much faster.