CorelDraw Exports Wrong JPG Size

This problem has existed for over ten years and doesn't seem to have been fixed in CD 2022. It you export to a JPG the exported file has a white border on the right side. I've tried all the suggestions mentioned in the forum for previous versions with no luck. I always have to open the resultant file and trim off the right side of the image.

Is there a way to export a CorelDraw drawing to the page frame size?

  • I may have solved my problem. I created a new CD and just added a page frame then exported it. Worked fine. Then I imported the graphic from the older version of CD and pasted it in my test document. That worked fine. Now I'm thinking that I need to create a new document with CD 2022 and import all of the objects onto it rather than start with an older version and saving it as CD 2022. At this point, I'm wondering if a setting or something from the older version of Draw was carried along to the latest version of Draw? More testing to do!

    Update: Discovered that one block of text with InvisibleKiller font was causing the problem. Changing it from right align to center fixed the issue even though the text block was significantly inside the frame.

    Update2: More testing revealed that it's not the font but setting text to right align causes Corel to block out more space on the right side even if the text block is nowhere near the edge of the frame. Moving the text block to the left fixed the issue. It appears that when you right-align text, for some reason, Corel needs more space and increases the export size.