Does anyone else have the same problem, random slow start opening the Corel Draw 2020, window 11?

Hello Everyone, I wonder if Anyone else has encountered the same problem/ since a couple of weeks  My Corel draw 2020/ window 11 started this two weeks ago, it was working fine the past year and a half. 

I tried everything on several different computers,  Reinstalling, repairing, uninstalling all my Corel software, and manually deleting all the entries in the registry. The last solution worked for a few hours and started doing the same again.

I spent a day with Microsoft installed window 11 and reinstalled Corel Draw 2020 and 2022 still had the same random stall at boot up, the strange thing is that the software loaded correctly and very fast after putting my Norton VPN on or sometime when starting the computer it would work at least one time or two and then started staling when opening Corel Draw. I never saw this before, in 30 years of using CorelDraw. I suspect something is wrong (a bug, ) with the Corel verification server. I also spent a few hours with Intel support making sure my machine had the latest driver and was still the same. When I close the internet it is running very fast again, I have 64 GB ram with the latest intel core Processor Intel(R) Core(TM) i7-10700 CPU @ 2.90GHz, 2901 Mhz, 8 Core(s), 16 Logical Processor(s) and NDIVIA Geforce RTX 2600 super 8GB ram.

The Corel support engineer wanted me to try a couple of things deleting the user file and the message folder that did nothing, they don't really want to fix this,  I now keep getting a special price message to upgrade and I tried the latest version still the same happen, random slow staling looking for the user interface. I am not going to buy ever again a new version of Corel Draw until they fix this issue. I wasted so much time now on this it is unbelievable all I did was check and try for them and they are still giving me the runaround, on an issue that never existed before in all my years of using Corel draw. there is no reason for the software to work properly when the internet is OFF and start staling when It is on. 

I sent the computer audit and report that support asked me for two weeks now and I am still waiting for a solution. The only thing I can think off is that they must have recently changed the way the software verifies the user on the web and must have a very old slow server. They got back saying they don't support the 2020 version I told them it is doing the same with my latest version on all my computers and they are not responding with a solution.

If anyone else having the same issue let me know in the comment. I think they just want me to spend more money upgrading again (which I did try0 without fixing the issue they are having. If this changes I will post an update here. I have spent so much over the years for a one-year-old version and a recent one not to work anymore especially when it was working fine for years until 2 weeks ago, All the other software companies always come up with updates every month sometimes even twice a month to keep up with a window and I saw only one update from Corel the past 2 years, it is not normal one what has become a very expansive program comparing to their competitor.