Creating Outline Help

Hey guys,

So, I am trying to create an outline, that I can then use to cut out the image. I know how to create outlines, but the issue I am having is that if the image isn't already a perfect outline, selecting hairline or boundary goes into the design, rather then creating a border/outline.

I have been practicing on a random image just to learn, but can't seem to figure out how to get a hairline border so I could cut it out if I wanted to.

Am I missing something obvious?

The other concern is that I don't have a way to freehand it either as I use only a mouse, and I am not skilled enough to make a nice outline that way.

I have attached the image I am practicing with.

Thank you

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  • Do you want the cut line to be right on the edge of the turtle graphic, or slightly outside the graphic?  If it is right on the turtle, then the open areas on the flippers are gonna give you problems.

    If you're looking for a cut path that that's slightly outside the turtle, here's what I would do:

    First, I don't know how big your turtle graphic is, let's say for now that it is 6" wide or so.  I'd select the turtle, then use the contour tool and apply a contour that is *intentionally* too big.  In this case, maybe 1/2" or so.  That should make a pretty smooth line around the turtle.  Then I'd ctrl-k to break that contour apart from the turtle.  Then I'd select that new vector that was just created and use the contour tool again, and do an inside contour of maybe .45" or so.  Break that contour apart and delete the oversize one.  This should get you a nice smooth line just around the outside of the turtle.