Prepress tab setting default

Is there a way to change the default settings for the Prepress tab in the print dialog box. When I send a job to my image setter I click on the print icon then go thru the tabs and set the parameters for the job. I select Separations on the Color tab then, go to Prepress Tab. The check boxes for Print Registration, Crop Marks, Densitometer etc. are by default pre checked. What I would prefer is each of those boxes not be checked and instead allow me to select if I need any of those items on the plate. If I send the job as Composite under the Color tab then the Prepress checked boxes are not checked which is exactly how I would prefer them. Most job we print need to be imaged as separations so having to go thru the same un-checking task every time gets old.  I am attaching an image of the Tab I am referring to. I hope my explanation makes sense and is not confusing.

Default settings 

Preferred Settings