SVG Missing from drop-down options in the Export Docker

I create spec drawings for labels on a daily basis.  The first page is all the details with dimensions and how to print, and where it's used, etc... and the second page of the CDR is simply the artwork for the drawing.   I save the artwork out in SVG format so I can import it into NiceLabel (the labeling system used on the factory floor).  The first page, I save as PDF. 

I have no trouble using "CTL-E" to export the artwork to SVG, then doing the same to get my PDF of the first page.   

But now I've learned about the export docker, and thought, "WOW I could do this all in one step!"   Well, not so much. The  SVG format is not showing up as an option in the docker: 

Is there a magic way to get the SVG there?  Please?