Corel Draw 11 Crashes When Dragging Objects

I had been using Corel Draw 11 without problems on a computer running Windows 10. That computer died and I got a very similar computer also running Windows 10. When I re-installed Corel Draw 11, it now crashes when I attempt to drag objects with either the mouse or the touch pad. I can still move objects with the arrow keys. I have tried deleting temp files (as suggested by someone on google) and uninstalling and reinstalling. Neither worked. Corel support says Corel 11 is no longer supported and they cannot help me. 

Any suggestions?

  • Corel Draw 11 shuts down.
     I have some old lasers that use CorelDraw 11 to power them. I also use AutoCad to send files. We had an issue with a hard drive and had to reinstall programs. In doing that, Corel 11 would crash every time you would move an object with the main pointer. All other aspects of the program worked. My machine is a Win 10 Pro, 64 bit., it also happened with a Win 7 Pro, 64 bit system. I understand it shouldn't really load on either one of these but it did. Of course there is no Corel 11 support, and I have to use an older Corel to drive them. Ironically CorelDraw 9, loaded and worked fine, but everyone knew Corel 11.
      So to shorten this story, my tech guy identified that there was a DLL, that was the culprit. We tried everything to get it to luck. So out of frustration, I copied the file to the desk top and then deleted it from the Corel directory. Corel then worked perfect. The file was "kodakCMS.dll", upon opening there was a message the color profiles would not work, but everything I needed, all worked fine. So then I added it back to the location in the Corel directory, re-opened Corel and it still worked. Then I re-booted and it still worked. I then tried it on the Win 7 Pro computer, it worked while it was out, but not when I put it back.
      At least for now, it works, and I am up and running, just have to live with the "no color profiles installed", on the Win 7 computer.
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