RGB to CMYK change not preserving colors


Hopefully somebody can help me with this question.  I am enjoying learning and playing around with Corel Draw.

However, when I started production work, I came up with this issue.  Spent many hours, but cannot figure out a solution.

I cannot figure out how to preserve the appearance of the color when I change to CMYK from RGB.  I have tried tweaking the color management settings but nothing seems to happen (Assign New Preserve Color Appearance VS. (Convert Preserve Color Values).

Here is the Example of my question/issue:

If I select a fill that is RGB and change to CMYK the CMYK numbers don't change which causes the color in some cases much darker (like screenshot below).

This is the same result when I to this on an individual object and also PDF export to CMYK.

I would like to get the typical washed out colors where the numbers change, but colors remain fairly similar.

Thank you!