Draw X5 problems and also looking for a cheap version of Draw...

Guys, I have Corel X5 and generally, it works fine for me. I do simple stuff and I don't need the latest things although when I DO try to contact support, they immediately try to upsell me.

I have had some major problems lately and have had to reinstall it several times.
Now, without having done anything to my knowledge, it will NOT open fonts that I have installed through font navigator (bitstream). From playing around, it seems that the navigator doesn't even retain the fonts I drag into the install window.

I see them when I drag them but if I go and do something else and go back, whether I exit or not, they are not there.
Now I have to redo my files with other fonts and that sucks.
COREL support is NO help.

I can't afford new software but I may have to 'cause this is what I use for my graphics.
I use win 7 64 bit and have no desire to upgrade.

Do you guys know where i can find something cheap that will work and that they may even support. I only need draw, capture and font navigator.
Maybe someone here has upgraded and has an old version they can sell me cheap?
Another thing, I used a download link I got from a support guy a couple of years ago and reinstalled it and entered my serial number. Now when I try to open it, it tells me that it's a trial version and that I will have an option to enter a serial number next but there is NO next button, just a cancel button so if I click that or x out, it closes the software so I can't even open it.