Corel doesn't support anything over 3 years old. My 2017 suite has been bricked.

I tried almost everything. Nothing in the entire suite will work unless you are some way able to put it on an old computer that hasn't updated windows in awhile (unsure how long). Corel ONLY SUPPORTS THEIR PRODUCTS FOR THREE YEARS. I just called support about my CorelDraw 2017 having this exact issue and the only thing they told me to do is "Go buy another version, we don't support anything before 2020 anymore". I thought Corel was better than that because they didn't go to the subscription model of business Adobe did and once you bought a program it was yours. Now through PLANNED OBSOLESCENCE nothing older than 3 years is supported and will just stop working one day. Corel used to be the cheaper version of the Adobe Suite. My entire suite I bought just stops working one day... I went through forums, deleting and modifying things in the registry, and everything in between. Nothing will work unless you find an old computer that hasn't updated in a long time. Otherwise it will kill the entire Corel Suite. (I just spent most of a day trying to figure this out). MAYBE just MAYBE don't waste MY time and OTHERS time and just be upfront. WE DON'T SUPPORT OUR PRODUCTS IF THEY'RE OLDER THAN THREE YEARS AND KILL THEM ON PURPOSE. Nice big bold red letters next to the purchase button and on the home screen. We shouldn't have to call you to figure out our program was bricked, we should have known it was coming but your marketing and customer service is crap. The bean counters at Corel did this and think they can make more money this way.

If someone has a solution I'm ready to hear it but I'm not paying a ton of money for a program that should be supported for much longer and I'm not getting sucked into a subscription model. Nice try marketing. Maybe I'll go find an old version of x3. Maybe I'll go back to an old version of illustrator. I wont buy another thing from Corel and everyone in my industry that even mentions Corel or Adobe will hear about this story and how "awesome" your product support is. I'll never recommend Corel again.

Haha the website wont even let me upload a jpeg of the launcher screen where it crashes.. Wow.. or at least it gives me no prompt that it was uploaded. I guess we'll find out when I hit post. If you buy anything Corel you're throwing your money away. It will be useless in 3 years unless you're paying their ridiculous monthly rate or spend over 500$ for a "lifetime key". Your business model is worst than Apple with their iPhones.

  • I'm sorry to hear about your experience with CorelDraw. It sounds like you're having a lot of trouble with the program, and I understand your frustration. You can try to contact Corel customer support again. Explain the problem you're having and see if they can offer any further assistance.

  • Estou passando pela mesma situação....sem suporte para a versão "vitalícia"...frustração essa é a palavra. Me recuso a comprar outro (foi a solução que me ofereceram)...vou migrar para outro programa, versões incomodadas que se mudem já dizia o ditado popular. Me arrependi de ter indicado para minhas amigas, perdi uma grande quantidade de trabalho fora o prejuízo dos que estavam em andamento.