Possible to automate CorelDRAW to PhotoPAINT and back?

I've avoided using PhotoPAINT for nearly thirty years and am entirely unfamiliar with it, but I now have a situation where it is the perfect tool for the job.

Here's the situation:

- In CorelDRAW I've placed an image of a garment on a white background.

- I will then select the image and Edit Bitmap which will open the image in PhotoPAINT.

- Next, use Magic Wand Mask and select the white background.

- Go to Mask and Invert.

- Next, Copy and Paste, then delete the original layer.

- Now we'll Save which brings the image back into CorelDRAW with the overall bitmap now trimmed to the size of the garment in the photo.

- This is then resized to approximately full size so that a logo can be properly sized.

Question: Is it possible to record a macro that will do this process?