.GetDocumentHeight Script is acting silly

I'm trying to get my script to enlarge the paper size by three px on each edge, and I'm using .GetDocumentHeight and .GetDocumentWidth to do it. The problem is, regardless of what document I have open, the script thinks it's 2px x 2 px. Here's the sample script I'm trying to debug:

 doc_height = .GetDocumentHeight() + 6
 doc_width = .GetDocumentWidth() + 6
 .ImagePapersize doc_width, doc_height, 3, -3, 8, 1, 0, 0, 0

Every time, it makes the resulting image 8 x 8. Any idea how to make this work?



  • The command is no longer supported with new versions of corel graphic suite. Corel has effectively abandoned the development of the Corel Graphic Suite product and from one version to the other works only on the user interface. Nothing more - Unfortunately we need to switch to Adobe.