2 quistions about saving in PDF-format

Hi There!

When I want to save a document as PDF, it seems that there are about 9 versions to save as PDF. I have these: (1) Archiring (CMYK), (2)  Archiring (RGB), (3) Current Proof Settings, (4) Document Distribution, (5) Editing, (6) PDF/X-1a, (7) PDF/x-3, (8) Prepress and (9) Web.

I'm not sure I understand the explanation from CorelDRAW X6, so I just wan't to know what version will be a PDF in the best quality?(I would be happy if you as a bonus could explain what the other PDF-versions are used for)

About (5) Editing, is that the only PDF-format that can be used by others to edited in?

Thanks for your help in advance.

Jesper Kragh(Denmark)

  • The first question is what do you want to do with the PDF. The "best quality" is not the same for print than PDF for attach on a web or send for e-mail. Each preset is a collection of pre-made settings, but you can modify it. Then, all presets could be editable or not. If you choose convert fonts to curves, the text will no longer editable, no matter the preset you choose.
    If it was for print, you can choose the PDF X/3 as base, but since PDF X/3 was quite old (from 2003) it use compatibily with older versions of Acrobat, that doesn't allows lens or transparencies, and divide bitmaps on small pieces. For solve all those problems, you shousl use PDF X/3 using "compatibility with..." Acrobat 8.0 or higher. That will habe the best qaulity available. But, according with your job, you could add bleed and cropmarks or not. Since the "pre-made standard" doesn't include cropmarks nor bleed, it will change the name when you modify something, but it's valid anyway
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