How can I scale UI-elements in CorelDRAW X7?

Corel Help tells me I can scale the UI, which I need to do since some windows aren't shown correctly with the current settings, but the help page directs me to an option that isn't there in Corel X7. Can CorelDRAW X7 actually scale UI-elements, or is that only possible for later versions?

To give some context, because of bad eyesight I was forced to scale up UI-elements in my OS, but apparently CorelDRAW can't work with this (several functions I need to use don't work because Corel unhelpfully makes the window too large for my monitor, but also doesn't give me a bar, or really any other way to scale down the window).

The only workaround I could find would be to scale down my entire OS, execute the function I need using the Windows magnifier, then going back and scale up the Windows-UI again, which is a bit convoluted.