Corel Website Maker - Master Pages & FTP Support

Hey there all, I went out and got Corel Website Maker some time ago but just got around to using it. I have used Adobe Muse and it has support for drag and drop, simple website creation. However I am a newbie to Corel and it's website maker but does it allow for editing of master pages so that the major framework for sub-pages can follow under this master page, just like in Adobe Muse? If so, how?

In Muse changes made to the master page affects sub-pages, including the homepage. How do I make sub-pages of regular pages and sub-pages of those, just like Muse allows me to do? How simple is this procedure and finally can you FTP your updated pages or your website on a whole within the Corel Website Maker like in Muse by enabling FTP settings?

Also can websites made in Corel be edited by other web programs?