Where is Website Creator/Builder for CorelDraw Graphics Suite X7?

I've installed CorelDraw Graphics Suite X7, but no website creator. There is another person who asked about this and the answer was to go to the accounts page where you can find it under downloads, however there are no downloads. To answer the question, yes, the software is properly registered and I can see on my accounts page, but if I click into downloads it says none are available. I contacted online support about this, but first they told me I had a version without the website creator, to which I then provided pictures of my registered product on my accounts page with serial number, etc., to show I have the full version, not the Home edition. Now, they want me to look on the disk and see if the program is there. I asked to have this escalated to someone who knows something about the program, but the support representative won't do so. I have used Corel products since the late 80's (I was using WordPerfect in high school) and have really loved this company, but their customer service is absolutely horrible. I'd just like to know where I can find a link to download the program, which was promised me on the back of the case. Thanks.