Print only current page by default in CD HOME

In core draw x6 and befor, and I belive x7 aswell there is an option --

Under options, Global,  Printing There is a tick box where you can choose to "Print only current page by default"

I have CD Home X7 Home $ Student and I do not find this option.  This is very awkward as one does forget to stipulate "current page only" each and every time you print and require just the current page. (it could start printing a stream of pages you have on that particular file).

Can one do set this "current page by default" in CD HOME & student 7


  • Hello Terry; There have been other posts about the same problem. And the H&S Has Limits and that seems to be one of them, They offer a 30 day money back guarantee, so if you haven't had the program more than that you could go to the at the top of this page and do a chat with the person there about getting the full ver. of X7. that'll also let you use macros.


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