New to Corel draw , Any tips on industrial design on Corel draw ?

Hello everyone , I hope you all are having a good day

I want to learn how to use Corel draw for industrial design as you read in the title , In short , I have a job opportunity that requires knowledge in Corel draw to print using a laser printer on wood ( not sure about the correct term here since I'm completely new to this " industrial design " thing )

to make you understand I have a picture of what those who work in the same field should be able to print using Corel draw

I'm not totally a beginner when it comes to designing , I worked on UI-UX , Logos , websites .. etc designs before , but they're all digital and require a little ( if none at all ) knowledge when it comes to printing and such .

So if someone can provide me a reply or an article or a video , or even a series of tutorials .. on how to do what that job require using Corel draw , as you can see I'm not even sure about the term to describe this job so even if it's a little info , that would be a great help

Learning all what I have to do , or at least knowing the basics would be a great , I used Corel draw for a few days now so I know the basics of how to use it , I just want to learn the industrial design way in Corel draw .. thanks in advance