Unable to access printer driver (Please help!)

Hello, I was wondering if anyone's encountered the same problem and could provide a solution.

Noticed that after a recent Windows 10 update (on Nov.11) - I get this annoying alert as soon as I open CorelDrawX7:

"Unable to access printer driver. Try removing and reinstalling this printer driver".

This occurs at almost every major function I attempt: New File, Open, Save, Export etc etc. 

The alert box appears again right after I close it, then disappears on second close. But if close prematurely (without giving it a few seconds to stand there), it crashes the program.

It also tends to crash as soon as I try to create a New File.

Funny thing is that I've never even had a printer on this computer!

* One additional issue I've noticed: When opening files, fonts are not recognized - have to match them through the Substitute Missing Fonts panel:

- Uninstalled and reinstalled my CorelDraw Graphics Suite X7, not worked.

- Uninstalled the Windows updates which i noticed this happened after, alert issue still persists.

I'd be grateful if someone in the know could tell me WHY this happened and guide me on HOW to get rid of this problem.

Many thanks!