Trace Success Stories

 I've been trying to use the PowerTrace function with varying (mostly disappointing) results.  I end up doing the logos by hand tracing them in Corel.   The tutorials I found have very simple examples and of course they come out great.  But trying to do something more complicated like:


 I have problems with it due to the fill.  Tired to make it B&W but that didn't go over well either.


So who is having success with complicated bitmaps and PowerTrace?



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  • ... So who is having success with complicated bitmaps and PowerTrace?

     My issue has been tracing un-complicated bitmaps.   People send me artwork that they find on the web - typically a small GIF.  Of course when you trace a small, low resolution image (I also find that the older Corel trace works better) the result is very jagged vector lines.

    I get much better results with this technique:

    Enlarge your small GIF as large as possible ( I use Paint Shop Pro)

    Convert to black & white  ( I'm carving the image, so I don't need color)

    In Paint Shop Pro:  Adjust > Blur > Gaussian Blur  (Play with the setting - this blur will fill in the little gaps in your pixalated image)

    Use Corel Trace to trace the image outline after setting Image Mode to black & white.

    In Corel Draw reduce the number of nodes and edit as needed.

    Reduce the size of your drawing as needed. 

    This technique gives me a much better starting point for editing in Corel Draw.