Trace Success Stories

 I've been trying to use the PowerTrace function with varying (mostly disappointing) results.  I end up doing the logos by hand tracing them in Corel.   The tutorials I found have very simple examples and of course they come out great.  But trying to do something more complicated like:


 I have problems with it due to the fill.  Tired to make it B&W but that didn't go over well either.


So who is having success with complicated bitmaps and PowerTrace?



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  •  I have always prefered the old CorelTRACE to trace complicated bitmaps. So if you have any older version CorelDRAW with CorelTRACE then I would try that one. And in CorelTRACE use "Outline" trace 100%. I checked the image you attached, and that one is probably just a sample for us from you, but the better bitmap you have regarding quality, the better trace result you get. Lets see if any other using Powertarce have any ideas on this issue.