Open .vlm-File with CorelDraw

Hi Everybody,

The last years i used to draw graphs with the program called "Vellum". Now i would like to use CorelDraw and open some existing Vellum-files with CorelDraw. The format of Vellum-files is "*.vlm" - unfortunately it is not possible to open/import vlm-files with CorelDraw.

Lately i used the new version of Vellum (Cobalt Share V8 Sp1) where the drawing can be exported for example as a "*.dwg-file". I am able to import this file with CorelDraw but the drawing is different. For example some former arrows are converted into normal lines or text is at a different position and other format-errors.

I would like to know if there is a possibility to open *.vlm-files with CorelDraw without the graph beeing different afterwards.

Thanking you in anticipation