Is there a way to pick colors without a pallete?

Hi, sorry in advance for any typos, english is not my first language.

I want to know if there is a way to pick colors without a pallette. Illustrator has an option where you can just pick the colors from the color wheel ( not a wheel, a square-looking thing, but you get my point ). Can I do this with corel? Also, how can I make custom colors?

Thank you for your time!

  • Hello Rosha,

    There are several methods, and every method has its own purpose.

    >> Picking Colors from anywhere in your desktop (Even from any object, menu or wherever you can take your mouse pointer.

    1. Select your object in which you want to fill the color

    2. Press 'Ctrl + Shift + E' (It will show an eyedropper 'Color picker')

    3. Click anywhere to pick the color

    That's all. You're Done.

    >> Create custom color:

    1. Select your object

    2. Press 'Shift + F11'  (An Edit Fill Dialog box will appear)

    3. Create your color (if you want to add this colour to your palette, click 'Add to Palette')

    4. Hit 'Ok' and you're done.