RGB to CMYK conversion


I need your expertise asap.

Yesterday i have finished a logo for my friend Bob in Corel Draw X4.
Made it in CMYK color mode. Used 3 nuances of green color previously given to me vith RGB values. My Corel change it to CMYK. I sent the file to Bob.
He has Corel Draw X5. When he opened the file and checked the CMYK values he was surprised because they were different from mine.
I immediately found an on-line RGB to CMYK converter to check which data is more valid when i got totally different CMYK values.
Now i am truly worried and don't know what to think.

Here are the values:


RGB 116/195/101
CMYK 60/0/84/0

RGB 41/171/135
CMYK 80/7/64/0

RGB 144/238/144
CMYK 42/0/63/0


RGB 116/195/101
CMYK 31/0/37/24

RGB 41/171/135
CMYK 51/0/14/33

RGB 144/238/144
CMYK 37/0/37/7


RGB 116/195/101
CMYK 40/0/48/23

RGB 41/171/135
CMYK 76/0/21/33

RGB 144/238/144
CMYK 39/0/39/66

Please help.
Thank you very much.

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  • Andrej Apostolov

    First trash that crap.

    Ok color conversions require that the source and destination files be tagged so the problem with your X4 file to X5 is most likley the source RGB space in X4 is different then X5.  Also the color engines and rendering intent may be different.  My books at www.graphictechnology.com cover this for X4 and older versions and X5.

  • In reply to David Milisock:

    Hi David,

    I have just realized that there are many different profiles of CMYK and RGB.

    Now i am confused how to set my Color Management.

    For years all features were set on Generic profiles.

    Any thoughts on that?


  • In reply to Andrej Apostolov:

    Andrej Apostolov

    Any thoughts on that?

    Thoughts on that? Yes three books worth.  The issue for you is to coordinate the setting between X4 and you friends X5. On your end it would be best if you worked in CMYK in your file and forget about the RGB to CMYK conversions as sending RGR will result in different CMYK numbers on the end then you expect.

    Forget about 98% of what you read on the web, these converters as most of the advice are awful.  The converters fail to tag and RGB space with the numbers so they are useless.

    If you're serious about CorelDRAW and color my books are at www.graphictechnology.com Corel also sells them on their site and offers bundles with the book included..

  • In reply to David Milisock:

    Thank you for the advice David.