Macro to fill page with random size squares?

Hey everyone,

Does anyone know of a macro that will do the following or could create one if it's easy enough?

I've looked online but can't seem to find one that could do this.

I'm thinking this might need a menu as it would need some user input or something that could be changed within the code if that's easier.

1) Look at page size and make a frame or work area that is .25" within the boundaries of the page -

               Note: this isn't an actual frame that would need to be kept for use, just somehow tell the macro to work within the .25" inside the boundaries of the page itself

2.) Create set number of random size squares or rectangles within the frame area created in #1 above.

                Note: I'm thinking the menu would allow the user to input the number of squares/rectangles to create & also have a section to input the horizontal/vertical distance between them

Thanks SO much for your time!