Outline text in Corel Draw?

Hello all. I'm VERY new to Corel Draw and I need a pointer. I've been tasked with doing the layout for a t-shirt for our local community theatre and the screen printer uses Corel Draw so i found a friend who has it but doesn't know anything about it and I'm using his PC and trying to create this layout.


What I'm trying to do it just a simple outline around text. In photoshop which is what I'm used to using it's called Stroke but I can't find it in Corel Draw. This is what I'm trying to accomplish.

In Photoshop I did about a 7 pixel stroke on the outside edge of the font. How is this accomplished in Corel?

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  •  Effect > Contour may be what you're looking for.

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    You can also, just make and outline by right clicking on the color you want on the color palette. Then open the outline "flyout", set the outline to "behind image", and set your desired thickness.


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    Ok, I'm to the point where I have a very thin outline...where do I go to increase the thickness?


    I went to text properties and found it! Also figured out how to smooth it!


    While I'm glad I was able to accomplish this...why can't it be as easy as it is in photoshop?

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    I tried to post a screenshot, but it would display for some reason. What you need to do is find the "Outline Tool" on the left vertical toolbar. I think it's the third up from the bottom, right above the icon that sorta looks like a paint bucket . When you find it, click and hold it, so you get the flyout. Then it's the first icon on the list (or with your text selected, just press F12). There you change the width of the outline and various other options. On the same Outline dialog box, you will also notice a check box titled "Behind Fill". That might be a helpfull option if you don't want the outline in front or on top of your text. Hope that helps!


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    To be fair, I use both Corel Draw and Photoshop, and I don't think it's as difficult as you claim.

    In Corel Draw, you type the text, double-click the outline square (bottom right corner), there you choose the color/thickness/etc, OK and done.

    In Photoshop, you type the text, right-click on the layer and go to blending option and stroke, there you choose the color/size/etc, OK and done.

    Almost same number of steps, in fact I think it's faster with Corel Draw.

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    It is easy in Corel.  I'm guessing your opinion comes from not being familar with the program.

    Type your text.

    F12 to open the Outline Dialog box.

    There you will find any/all options you want.

    Easy cheesy.

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    A couple of things to have in mind while you work on this.

    To begin with: CorelDRAW and Photoshop is completly different programs. As much different as is Photoshop vs. Illustrator.
    So to begin with, things generally are made differently when working in vector and a bitmap programs, by the nature of the technique images are built. Bitmap are built with pixels, and vectors with straight and curved lines between two anchor points, nodes.

    1. Photoshop is a raster/bitmap program, in which you illustrate,paint and edit bitmaps (illustrations, images in general and photos).
    2. CorelDRAW (like Illustrator is) is totally different: it´s a VECTOR program, in which you illustrate, make graphic design, layout, edit images which is vector based, (all though in conjunction with Photo-Paint can make all raster/bitmap editing you like, without having to make another extra file to store on your computer)

    To work with text and making outlines and all kinds of text effects are perfect to do in CorelDRAW, and sometimes in conjuntion with Photoshop and Corel Photo-Paint. This mean that when you make any text converted to curves (ctrl+Q), important for this task you are doing, all curves/objects/vectors are even in their shape. While similar lines in made in Photoshop or Photo-Paint, bitmap programs, are pixelated. Squared bits.

    Now, you may feel that its more cumbersome to work with text in CorelDRAW, but that cant be true. And as Michael said, you make basically as many steps as in Photoshop, and you still get more high quality output when printing text converted to curves. Zoom in or look in close with a magnification glas.

    What is now Corel Photo-Paint??
    If your friend have a CorelDRAW Graphics Suite in his computer, then he/she also has Corel Photo-Paint.
    Corel Photo-Paint is the equivalent to Photoshop.

    And programs constantly develops:
    so not knowing which version you use on your friends computer, the latest version of CorelDRAW Graphics Suite is X4 (14)

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