Useing Corel with another program to cut vinyl

I use signcut x2 with corel to cut vinyl decals and to make signs.  Does anyone out here know of any other programs like signcut x2 that works with corel?  Incase someone don't understand this question corel is not used or made to send directly to a vinyl cutter.  Many people make things in corel and then send to signcut x2 then cut the vinyl.  Reason I am asking is signcut you don't ever own you lease it.  I pay 54.00 a year.  Not real bad but I would like to have one that works good that I can own.  I know a lot of you here do other things with corel than cut vinyl.   Have a good day!Big Smile


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  • I've been sending direct to a Roland Camm-1 cutter for 6 years using its free windows print driver.

    I can also send to a Roland SP540-V, right from Draw, using its Print driver.

    There are other progs like


    Cutmate 2


    sign tools

    I'm sure there is software that can driver your cutter without you being nickled and dimed forever...

    Incase someone don't understand this question corel is not used or made to send directly to a vinyl cutter. 


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  • From Eurosystems, comes a program called CoCut. This program allows you to cut your vinyl from CorelDRAW with a single click.

    CoCut has drivers for most plotters, and comes with a CorelDRAW macro that allows you to install it and to show up, both in the application launcher and as a VBA macro.

    I use here, when cutting designs from CorelDRAW.

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    I have heard that people cut right from corel on forum but no one could tell me how it was set up.  Wow this is good news guys!  I just paid 54.00 for signcutter x2 for a year but I am going to use the both your idea's and do some research here and see if I cannot get my set up to work.  A roland huh?  Nice!  I just have a Uscutter laser point maybe someday I will move up also.  But I would a real happy camper cutting from corel.....  I will in the next week look into this and see if I cannot get mine to work then.  I will repost and let you know.  Thank you both!


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    what do you mean windows free driver for your roland?  Where did you get that?  Did it come with your roland?  I use a UScutter laser point 24 and XP pro but cannot seem to set up corel to cut with it I don't think so any way you have any input for me on how to driver my uscutter?

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    what do you mean windows free driver for your roland?

    It is a print driver made by Roland for that unit... :-D. You access it like any other print driver in Coreldraw's print engine pick list.

      Where did you get that?  Did it come with your roland?

    Yes, came with and also you can get from roland's site.

    any way you have any input for me on how to driver my uscutter

    Contact the manufacturer and tell them to get their act together like Roland has.

    Would you buy a new car, and be seriously aggravated to learn that a steering wheel is an option?

    A driver is essential to use the device you bought. It's nutz to pay every year, or even once for something so basic. people have been cutting vinyl with these types of units since Windows 3.1 in 1992. Maybe even since DOS days?

    Sooooo... it can't be rocket science to make a driver. Esp. since systems of that era with only 4 MB of RAM could drive these units!

    If I were you I'd be furious - it's a cash grab IMO.

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     the us cutter refine mh 721 can be used with the drivers from the roland site download drivers for Roland camm-1 pnc-1000 however i have not bin able to control the cutter corectley at this time but us cutter told me that the pnc-1000 driver would work with any cutting program that did not have us cutter drivers in it

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     My memory is often nonfunctional or not completely on target but I seem to recall that Widows (XP and Vista) recognized the printer when I plugged it in and installed it's own driver(s). It was just like installing any other printer.

    As far as outputting to my Roland from Draw, there's no magic involved. Simply ensure that the objects to be cut have a hairline outline. That's it! I would suggest that your objects be clean. That is, that they have no criss crossing or intersecting lines. This seems to really confuse the cutter, screws everything up and then it quits.

    - Scotty

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    when I plug the plotter in windows does recognize it yes but I have to put a cd in with the drivers.  After loading the drivers Signcut x2 and signblazer work fine.  But it does not come up under any programs under printers you might want to print to.  It also is not listed in the control panel or device manager it is like it don't exist but yet signblazer and signcut know it is there? huh?

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    Like Jeff, I am also printing directly to a Roland Camm-1. In fact I prefer to print directly.

    Visit the website of your cutter manufacturer and see if they have driver downloads available. If so, just download the print driver for Windows, install it and have some fun.

    Frank Olivio