CorelDRAW 2019 Mac updates?

Would like to know when will the CorelDRAW Mac 2019 updates be available?

I hope the sluggish performance will be addressed soon.

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  • Durban, what kind of work do you do. I do everything, but large format print, large architectural signage, donor walls, high end color correcting for architectural promotional magazines and trade booths on a scale that Adobe and Affinity cannot handle are my stock and trade.

    I tried Affinity Designer but found that it was insufficiently robust, it simply couldn't handle large files, many projects from my clients start in Illustrator and they bring it to me when AI edits start taking15 to 20 minutes each. Affinity Photo has nothing for me that I don't already have with Photo-PAINT and PaintShop Pro.  I never tested Affinity Photo with 500 mb to 1.5 gb image files. Will it do 1.5 gb files