Mac shortcuts in future updates?

I just recently got my first Mac after using a Windows pc for the last 25 years. I've been an avid Coreldraw user on my pc for years both for personal and professional work. I downloaded and installed a demo of Coreldraw on the Mac and it is SOOOOO different but the main thing that I use all the time that I'm not sure I can live without is simple keyboard shortcuts for such things as alignment. (a simple selection of everything on screen and a press of E and C to center items).

Is this something that will possibly be added to future updates? If not, I think I'll have to stick to using boot camp to have windows on my iMac JUST for Coreldraw. 
(I also find it odd that for years a simple right click to "Import" an image into the document has now been rebranded with "Place"? Why?)

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  • I feel the same way! I'm Mac user of 25 years. But for me, I find CorelDRAW easier than Ai. So I was pretty thrilled about the recent Mac release. Unfortunately, I had to pull the plug before the end of the one week trial period as soon as I discovered that my familiar hotkeys were missing. These shortcuts are an absolute must that makes CorelDRAW what it is. Hopefully Corel will reconsider adding them into the Mac version in order to give this platform a viable chance to succeed. If so, I would definitely purchase. Until that time, I'll grudgingly continue dealing with VM's and Windows 10.

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