Stop particle shop popup ads.

How can I turn off the particle shop popup ads that show up on my windows 10 machine running coreldraw 2017?

I already went into the settings and set the option to no show me any ads but I still get these popup ads from particle shop.

Ridiculous that Corel does this .



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  • This crap happens with Particle Shop too. And now I know why my computer's been waking itself from sleep, seemingly for no reason. I've been on the phone lots of times with HP trying to sort out why it wakes, and no one can figure it out. Then when I saw the Task Scheduler solution to this issue, I take a look and it's Corel waking up the computer - the time for the pop-up notification coincides perfectly with the computer waking itself up. Can I send Corel a bill for the wear and tear on my machine?

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