Stop particle shop popup ads.

How can I turn off the particle shop popup ads that show up on my windows 10 machine running coreldraw 2017?

I already went into the settings and set the option to no show me any ads but I still get these popup ads from particle shop.

Ridiculous that Corel does this .



  • Here's what I got from Adobe forums today. Go into Task Scheduler and have a look. CorelUpdater is set to generate that popup EVERY DAY at 6:56PM on my machine, for a promo I've ALREADY purchased. As a Canadian, I feel I have to apologize for this company's alienating and incompetent behaviour (this describes every experience I've had dealing with Corel support):

    Try this (from GETHIPP at Adobe forums:

    1. Click on the start button

    2. Type Task Scheduler

    3. Click on the the Task Scheduler Desktop app will appear towards the top.

    4. Once the Task Scheduler app appears highlight the Task Scheduler Library Folder towards the top left.

    5. The box on the right will show you what programs have scheduled tasks.

    6. Locate the CorelUpdateHelperTaskCore task and right click on it.

    7. Choose disable.

    8. Close the window.

    9. Under the help menu in PaintShop Pro X9 you can click on message preferences and uncheck the box for "Keep me informed with the latest product related messages" and under the Receive updates/offers as tray notifications dropdown choose Do not show me tray messages for this application.

    10. Click on "OK"

    11. Alternatively, you can always clear the messages folder under %appdata%\Corel\Messages

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