Best computer for CorelDraw

I am going to be purchasing CorelDraw for a little t-shirt business. Does anyone have a recommendation for a desktop PC? I know the specs I need for storage and such, just looking for opinions.

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  • AMD stuff works fine...other than the well known and commonly reoccuring Corel "glitches and bugs", AMD products have no bearing on the operation of any Corel as far as I have seen. I have never owned anything but AMD products (Mainboards, CPUs and Graphics Cards) ...not on purpose, its just turned out that way.  And I have been operating Corel products for close to 20 years. To imply and suggest that AMD and Corel are totally incompatible is totally irresponsible I think.

    While 16Gb or RAM is nice to have, it is also NOT required with X8...but that changes everyday as software becomes more demanding. 

    Same goes for demanding a 4Gb Graphics card or SSD*.

    *this year is the first year I have gone to SSD, and while it improved some things on my system, it has not changed the operation of Corel.

    Many people use AMD products because they are often cheaper with similar operating specs.  I have two Intel based laptops, with what is advertised as "good specs" and both operate poorly and struggle to run older Corel software.