Was Anyone Else Locked Out of CorelDRAW Recently?

The past four days have kinda been a nightmare. I was locked out of my Mac version of CorelDRAW because of the formatting on the pop-up that asks you to sign in so you can receive new version alerts and sales made it impossible to fill in the fields. I never thought twice about it before and I would just sign in and move on. I never thought that Corel would make the software unusable until you agreed to view ads. I'm including pictures of what the pop-up looked like for the first two days versus what it was supposed to look like.

Am I the only person to be affected by this?

Doesn't this make my stand-alone version of CorelDRAW adware? A stand-alone version of the software should not need to maintain an internet connection to run if work isn't being accomplished in the cloud. I really am curious to know if I am the only one who lost time because of this issue. Is this just a Mac problem?