CorelDraw Essentials 2023


due to the current financial situation in the UK, I am unlikely to be able to afford the ongoing annual subscription.

I have version 2023 but as I now use it infrequently, I am wondering if the 2023 Essentials version has a perpetual licence.

If so, I could justify buying it in place of the full-blown version when my renewal date comes up.

My query is two-fold:

1) Is the Licence a perpetual license which I can adopt until my future income improves? 

2) Is there a known official comparative list which I can check out and see what would be lost to me this way?

Thank you for reading this and if you can advise me. 

Best wishes John

  • Sorry not an answer - I have a similar question.

    As an engraver, I'm a long-time CorelDraw user.  I ran Corel 4 (or was it V6?) from floppy discs, then CorelDraw 12 from CD/DVD and latterly CorelDraw X7.  I've also used it for 20+ years for the vector maps and photo front-cover for event programmes for my sports club.

    We closed the business a couple of years back and I can no longer justify buying the latest full Corel suite but still need something to do those maps and front covers.  The problem is my current pc is still on Wiin 8.1 and I need to either upgrade that pc or - more likely - change it for a new one that runs Win 11.

    I'm told that my X7 won't run on Win 11 but am sure I've seen comments from someone who said they'd done it.  I guess I'll find out!

    If I go to Corel Essentials, will my old X7 files open in that?  I've asked through support but am still waiting for a reply.  I was on here researching it so thought I'd ask.