I'm trying to save/export my image to be uploaded to instagram as a profile picture

trying to save/export my logo to be uploaded to instagram as a profile picture. I've tried so many things and it just looks blurry is there anything I can do? is there a specific way to do this? or is it too much detail in the logo?

everything i have learned for corel draw is self taught so I class myself as an amateur i'm also not up to scratch with the technical talk so please treat me like a kid. if someone can help me i would be so grateful i know you must be looking at this thinking how stupid can a person be, but i had to learn all of this from scratch by myself because my dads business needed someone urgently and all i needed was the basic knowledge now i want to learn more.

  • What size and resolution are you using?

  • There is an easier way that you use Instazoom to help you enlarge your instagram profile picture: https://instazoom.mobi/

  • It's great that you're taking the initiative to learn and improve your skills! Don't worry about feeling overwhelmed, everyone starts somewhere. Let's try to troubleshoot the issue with your logo appearing blurry on Instagram.

    Here are some steps you can follow:

    1. Export Settings:

    • When exporting your logo, make sure you are using the appropriate settings. For Instagram, a square image is generally recommended. Try exporting your logo as a PNG file with a resolution of at least 1080x1080 pixels.

    2. Resolution:

    • Ensure that your logo has a high resolution. Low-resolution images can appear blurry when enlarged. If your logo was created with vector graphics in CorelDRAW, you should be able to export it at any size without losing quality. instagram audio download

    3. Image Size:

    • Instagram will resize your profile picture to 110x110 pixels. Make sure your exported logo looks good at this size. You can create a new document in CorelDRAW with these dimensions and check how your logo appears.

    4. Anti-Aliasing:

    • Disable anti-aliasing when exporting. Sometimes, anti-aliasing can make small details look blurry.

    5. Color Mode:

    • Ensure that your logo is in RGB color mode, as Instagram displays images in RGB.

    6. File Format:

    • Use PNG format for better quality. JPEG compression can sometimes result in a loss of quality.

    7. Check the Original:

    • Go back to your original CorelDRAW file and check if your logo looks clear and detailed within the program. If it looks good in CorelDRAW, it should export well.

    8. Upload Directly:

    • Sometimes, the compression that occurs when uploading through the Instagram app or website can affect image quality. You might want to try uploading your logo directly from a computer rather than a mobile device.

    9. Experiment:

    • Export your logo with different settings and sizes to see if any combination produces a clearer result.

    10. Seek Feedback:

    • If possible, get feedback from others or view your Instagram profile on different devices to see if the blurriness is consistent.

    Remember, learning takes time, and you're on the right track by seeking help and wanting to improve. Feel free to ask more questions if you need further assistance!