How do I stop all the very annoying popups from Corel products from showing up on my desktop?

It seems like just about every day one or more popups show up on my desktop, usually in the lower left of the screen, trying to get me to buy a Corel product, in some cases for products that I already have!  The latest one, which popped up a few minutes ago, doesn't have a close "x" included so I can get rid of it.  I am about ready to go to Adobe products even though I have been using Corel Graphics suites since about version 3.


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  • I fully agree that this is a terrible intrusion on my work flow. Imagine if Verizon cuts in on your phone call to pitch a new product. Or Ford stops you in traffic to offer a new truck. 

    Or your surgeon is stopped in the middle of surgery by someone wanting to upgrade his scalpel?

    This is work software. We make our living with this. Pitch the product on the welcome screen and then stop interrupting our thought pattern. It is more than annoying. It is outright intrusive and unprofessional.