CorelDRAW Graphics Suite 2017 will not connect to the internet for the "extra content" or the Corel CONNECT.

I was using a trial version of Coreldraw 2018 and then it expired. After a bit, we decided to purchase the Coreldraw Graphic Suite 2017. After installing it I was prompted to connect the coreldraw to the internet for the extra content corell provides. It wont sign me in. After entering my sign in info it tells me to connect to the internet and try again, when I AM on the internet. The internet is working, Coreldraw is not. The firewalls have all been shut off, I have uninstalled and reinstalled....nothing. I cannot get it to connect to my corel account. HELP!

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  • Maybe the solution is to install the program, but shut off the internet before doing so. When the program is finally installed, then turn on your internet ?  Or else, you may have installed a previous version of CD that is still on the c drive. you may have to delete all of the files before reinstalling another ? RJ 

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