Photo-Paint crashes when attempting to export to JPG

Just trying to save a jpg image I've edited in CorelDRAW Photo-Paint 2017, using the same filename and jpg format.  But the program crashes AND deletes the file.  Sometimes the lost file can be recovered in my auto-save folder (without the edits I'd just tried to save) and sometimes Corel actually deletes the original file...permanently.  I've had this same problem with multiple iterations of Corel Suites on various desktop PCs running different OS's over the decades.  Because I like the ease of use (when Corel works), I keep buying upgrades.  And I keep having this same issue, regardless of OS or computer I'm using.  I'm currently on Win-10 64-bit and I've twice reinstalled the entire Corel 2017 Suite and ensured I even avoided making changes to the workspace.  But the same problem happens again and again.  Corel's proprietary cpt files do not have this failure but almost no one I know can open a cpt file.  Reinstalling the CorelDRAW 2017 suite isn't the solution.  I sent a bunch of OS logs and other data to a Corel Support Tech but they couldn't resolve the issue, either.  And they refuse to refund my purchase price.  Sad that this is such a common issue but Corel just refuses to resolve it or, at least, refund customer's money.