Add number to new document title, ie: Document1, Document2, etc.

Looking for Macro to iterate new document filename, for example my recorded macro creates a new document with title "Document" but I need to number the project based on the previous number. N=0, Document(N+1). I am new to the corel macro environment and willing to do the work just need some insights on where to start since I am not familiar with corel programming, it seems similar to excel. 

My thought process initially was to store a value in a global variable and call that variable every time my macro runs. Then I could run another macro which resets the variable when needed. Lets say I have 10 Reports and each has anywhere from 10-100 documents. My "Report" would get its own folder and each document created in corel would get saved into its corresponding folder numbered. After the report is finished I would reset my counter and start the next report in a saved in new folder.