Corel Draw and Windows 11

I have been using Windows 10 for quite some time. I purchased Coreldraw X7 back in 2016 and it has worked in every instance that I needed it to. Earlier this year I had to change out my notebook computer due to a faulty motherboard. After the hardware change, Corel assumed that it was installed on another machine and as such, I needed to re-validate my installation as I was notified: "Sorry, the serial number you are using has already been submitted the maximum number of times for Activation."

I had to go round and round with tech support as they insisted that X7 would not work with Windows 10, the only option they insisted, was to upgrade to the newest version of Coreldraw. I finally got an activation code and lo and behold it worked and has been working with Windows 10 for months.

I have been hesitant to upgrade to Windows 11, but bit the bullet last week and let the upgrade proceed.

So far the ONLY program to not seamlessly work was Coreldraw, (it is now insisting again that I am out of activations). 

Tech Support this time has been nonexistent. I submitted my issue on Friday of last week through chat and was informed that I would hear back in a few hours. This also entailed me having to send a screenshot about the issue.

I finally got an email from them on Sunday asking for another screenshot of the problem. (Not sure why the original screenshot wouldn't have been part of the data shared from chat to tech support) but I obliged and sent the screenshot. 

To date, I have still not heard back from anyone. I tried several chat sessions last night and also the telephone support line. The phone support hours as stated on the support page states the hours: 


Mon-Fri: 9am-10pm EST
Sat-Sun: 9am-6pm EST

I called within those operating hours and the message was that the support center was closed. I asked no less than 3 chat assistants as to why the phone support was not open and each one refused to address the question and essentially disconnected me. After this, I could reach anyone to chat as they refused to connect.

I have been on the phone with 2 agents today and the first one finally agreed to transfer me to a supervisor only to have the phone ring for 15 minutes with no answer. I called back and had the agent tell me there was nothing he could do himself and to wait to hear back in from a higher level of support in a couple of hours. We went back and forth as I told him that the information about the operating hours on the website were incorrect, he said that they were not, but that they were closing early for the Christmas season. He never would say that the hours were wrong on the site.

Bottom line is that they are telling people that older versions of Coreldraw are not compatible with the newer versions of Windows and I am positive that X7 worked with the latest version of Windows 10 and offered to send him a file generated within the last week. Of course, he declined to have me prove it to him.

My issue is that I paid (and have paid over the years for at least 4 versions of Coreldraw. I would like to at leat try it and if I find that it really doesn't work, I will upgrade Coreldraw or downgrade Windows.

Why do they have to make it so difficult to use a product that was paid for?

Does anyone on the forum have knowledge of X7 running on Windows 11? Just noticed that now you can't upgrade from X7 to purchase, only to subscribe so they want to force me to pay over $200.00 a year or purchase outright for over $500.00. Guess I will be downgrading Windows as the new version does not have any new features that would benefit me and what I use the program for.

Any suggestions?

  • I am running X7 on Windows 11. So yes it can be done.

    Just remember that X7 was written long before Windows 11 so you cannot expect it to work perfectly.

    The most common issue I have seen is that it will work just fine, then my open / save dialog will not longer work. No idea why it stops working. Reinstalling so far has always fixed it. 


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