Rudimentary steps to starting Macro

Myron, I have alot of respect for you and other members of this community. Kindly walk me through the steps involved in using macro. For example, in  my various letter writings, I normally like to use (l look forward to hearing from you soon)

How do I use macro for this to avoid repeatitive sentence.

I need help from anybody including Myron.

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  • There are many approaches to get from A to B. Sometime a macro works and sometimes it's better just to have a template for repetitive things.

    One would first need know step by step what you're trying to accomplish.

    You can use the macro editor (Alt+F11) to see use of various codes within a macro. You can also record your steps but it's not foolproof.

    I like to start by opening the Macro Manager docker, then right-click on Visual Basic for Applications, choose New Macro Project, give it a unique name with no spaces and hit save, wait for it to pop up at the bottom of the list, click off of it then right click on it and choose New Module, click off that, then right click on Module 1 and choose New Macro. The editor opens with

    Sub Macro 1()

    End Sub

    Nw you're ready to start coding.

    Rename "Macro 1" to what your macro will be called.

    Everything you enter between "Sub YourTitle()" and End Sub is where your step by step instructions begin.

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