Printer color profile issues

I cant seem to get my Ricoh 820 to print correctly.  Everything is very dark like there is too much black.

If I export the images to jpgs, I get better color replication.  Can someone guide me through the color profile setting for windows 7 with Corel x6 - 64 bit.

  • Unlikely. Not enough information to tell what you did exactly ( what does it mean "switched it to Adobe RGB" - assigned color profile, converted document colors to Adobe RGB profile?). I would guess you merely mismatched color profiles, and now your printer driver has no clue the colors it is receiving from Draw are Adobe RGB, it is still assuming they are sRGB. Mistaking wide gamut Adobe RGB for sRGB would get you significantly desaturated colors, something that you took for resolution of your problem. It is not. 

    Proabably I had taken help from

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