Color corruption problems between multiple stations x6 x64

Hi all,

I just experienced some color issues between corel draw nodes, example is an art work with pms value 186 c red..., on the origin computer where the file was originally generated in corel draw the file opens correct with the right PMS 186 c value and it displays on screen as correct red , however on the other 2 computers the color becomes transparent with a color ID  - 100% ID:19 Density:100 and appears black under color palette while the text itself with the color assigned appears transparent, where is should be red (PMS 186 C).

This is a complete mess I have never ever experienced any problems of that kind since working with draw version 3.., , the file I describe is simple - 3 signs with red text..., lol how can I rely on corel package when I am unable to manage a file with 2 damn colors...., we've had a similar issue in the past where we printed 2 illuminated sign faces size 60" x 144" incorrectly, whre black turned onto white...,

I am sorry if I am asking too much but from a designer point of view  this is simply ridiculous,what has happened to a bullet proof design package ??..., when we can not manage correctly single file with 2 colors how can I rely on anything else from corel draw considering already all the important detailsI have to watch for like trapping, spelling , sizes, color accuracy ect..... now what??  I have to reassure myself that the color I assigned will actually work on the next computer ......

Has anyone else come across similar problems ?? if so would you mind sharing your solution...






Just wanted to add , I just ran some tests, the same file when text converted  to curves and over saved opens just fine the color displays as correct red,

when the text remains as font the problem persist.